About me, the man behind the iPad. Not that I am wearing one as a mask. That would be cool though.

Hey Guys - thanks for stopping by.

My name is Richard Pryn aka Richard Schrieber - you probably already know that though.

I write music for movie trailers and I have managed to do quite well doing so.

I have won eight awards for my work so far.

Sounds cooler than it feels.

My music has been, and still is being used for trailers for clients like Disney, Warner Bros, Universal. Pretty much all the big hitters. I am known for organic thriller/horror music, along with epic orchestral work.

I have written for Elephant music, Immediate Music, Cavendish Music, and many others.

When I am not writing trailer music (which is a lot of the time), I am pretty busy with all manner of side projects (see below).

I live and work at home with my wife and three children in South Oxfordshire.

We have a can, two guinea pigs and a hamster. Just realised there is a typo there but having a can as a pet sounds pretty funny so I'll leave that in there.

I look forward to my morning coffee. I am a huge fan of online entrepreneurship.

My wife and I play Star Realms, Monopoly Deal, Uno, and Exploding Kittens together a great deal. And yes, she wins most of the time (nerd). We all enjoy watching Disney films with home made pizza on Friday nights.

This site as my online portfolio. Which I think is what every composer does. Thinking that clients will be beating down the door when they see this design and all the work I have done (crickets).

And it has been sat here not being updated or even looked at for the last four or so years.

I only updated it because I was told  it wouldn't look great if I didn't.

So after years of having a website basically do nothing and despite knowing much better. I have decided to make my website part of my creative output.

After-all I do already have other creative outlets so why not have one where I can call it "home".

So, this is the home, the central hub of all of my activity. Well my online activity anyway, well not all of that either that would be weird and rather pointless for you my only reader.

So for those of you who either saw me on YouTube, heard me on a podcast, have done one of my courses, purchased one of my sample libraries or has heard my music - welcome.

You must have garnered enough interest to google me and then click about my site and maybe even you are still reading.

In which case. If you are interested in my other projects then keep on reading...

What I am working on at the moment:

I tend to take on a lot of projects because I really love creating stuff, I love being of service to people, and I love the feeling of working towards some kind of goal.

These have taken the shape of:

  1. The Trailer Music School - online school focused on teaching solely trailer music composition and production
  2. Protege - We have now officially closed the doors to this school. I now focus 100% on my trailer Music School
  3. Inventive Instruments - where I create and releases Kontakt instruments. Mostly focused on pads because, well, I blooming LOVE pads.
  4. The Soft Piano Music Podcast - Everyday I sit at my piano and record an improvisation. The output of which is this podcast. It was a way for me to not get precious about my work and to release music that I would like to listen to out into the world.
  5. Dots, Lines, and Paper - I am also a huge fan of art and drawing. As a way to deal with my daily life, and also for the fun of it, I created a little webcomic of thoughts, puns and observations.
  6. This Shimmering Sky - this is my ambient side project. This is what you would call a "passion project". I do it for the love of it. I was lucky enough to have one or two of my tracks picked up by big playlists so this is now bringing in some money but that's not the endgame. I love ambient music and the idea that my music might help someone relax a little at the end of their day. That's the goal.
  7. Various books for KDP - I have been known to produce books or various sorts for Amazon's self publishing arm, KDP. These vary from my best selling book 'Live Your Ideal Life' to my-barely-sold-any-at-all type of books. I love being creative and creating things and this process gave me a chance to try something new :)
  8. Art by Deborah - this is my amazingly talented wife who paints beautiful abstract art. She also happens to be my Editor-in-chief.

What does the future hold?

I am a creator at heart and that's what I want to do; write, draw, compose, record etc. I will use my online channels to funnel this.

If you are interested to hear when I land a placement then sign up here.